Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day Two: Courtney's 10 Day Weight Loss Challenge

run down of the day...7:45 wake up

8:30: 1 bowl of 100 calorie grits (again...I love me some grits lol) & 1 16 oz glass of water
10:00 gym: elliptical for 30 min & 20 min of weights & drank lots of water
11:30 ate 15 animal crackers
12:15 ate lunch...1 slice meatloaf with steamed broccoli, carrots & cauliflower and 1 16 oz glass of water
1:00 one small fun size kit kat and a cup of coffee with splash of creamer
7:15 dinner 3 pieces of cheese, spinach, mushroom, and garlic pizza and 1 cup of salad with half of tablespoon of vinaigrette dressing. 16 oz glass water.

Here are some pics of what I'd like to get back to..."ideal" weight if you will-

I was 17 years old in this pic...I'm the second one in from the right. I probably weighed about 130ish.

23 years old...Vegas :) weighed prob around 145

24 years old in Italy...about 145 here

24 yrs old on same trip in Italy

And here are some recent pics of me now...

yikes...obviously heavier here and i hateeee it

look at that pooch ewwww

compare this pic to the other pic of my husband and i (the one where i am wearing a white dress & have blond hair) crazy how much weight i put on. ew.

Recap: I need to eat more for breakfast, I need to eat more fruit...I am proud of myself for not eating after 8 and also for eating one miniature kit kat and not killing myself over it!

Tomorrow is Day 3. Bring it.