Monday, November 1, 2010

Day One: Courtney's 10 Day Challenge

So I follow kyleandcourt both on youtube and her blog and she has come up with this 10 day weight loss challenge. It sounds pretty good for two reasons, 1) I am much more likely to stick to my goals when I'm being held accountable to others and 2) 10 days seems like a good goal for me. Honestly, I have never tried group weight loss but I'm hopeful :) All I know is that I am about 40-45 pounds away from my ideal/goal weight and whatever I have been doing really ain't workin'. I'm desperate to try something new.

So, here was my day today, what I ate, what kind of exercise i did...etc.

7:45 wake up
8:30 drank 1 and a half of a cup of coffee with splash of flavored creamer, ate 100 calorie bowl of grits, 1 and a half scrambled eggs, and drank 2 16 oz. glasses of water.
9:30 went for a 45 min walk with Kamryn and my neighbor Lisa and her two babies.
1:00 ate 6 tortilla chips and 1 16 oz. glass of water
2:00 ate 1 cup of whole grain rice with homemade jambalaya
4:00 ate 1 apple with 2 tbsps of all natural peanut butter
4:45 1 hour hip hop dance class & drank lots of water!
8:15 dinner: 2 slices of meatloaf, baked apples with cinnamon, 8 oz glass of water

GOALS: drink more water, do something active once a day, be mindful of what I am eating and how much I am eating, no eating after 8:00 pm.

I am pretty much happy with how today went...the only thing I would change would be not eating so late.

And gold star for me for not eating one piece of candy today...even though my daughter's Halloween candy sat there looking all delicious on the dining room table. I did not give in! Not gonna lie though, I think I wished for a piece at least 3 times today, but I stayed strong :) I hope I can stay strong for 9 more days (maybe more!) Bring on Day 2!!!!!

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