Friday, November 5, 2010

Day Four: Courtney's 10 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Today was alright for me...I didn't get to the gym and I didn't have dinner but oh well. I went out with a friend for a glass of wine, which was sooooo nice & refreshing, so that was good. I also started using to track my calories, carbs, fat intake etc. Got the idea from Courtney so thank you Courtney!! I really like the website & how it calculates everything for you. So here is what I ate today:

breakfast: 1 cup coffee with splash creamer, low fat yogurt & 1 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch
lunch: ok, i made this awesome bean enchilada for lunch it was sooooo good and had very few carbs, fat, and calories. i may just eat this for lunch or dinner, like, every day its so good. i topped it with salsa & it was just tasty :)
dinner: 1 glass of red wine oops I drank my dinner tonight. I know, NOT healthy at all. But by the time I got home from having a drink with my friend it was 8:00 and I didn't want to eat so late.

I drank lots of water today too so that was good. I just wish I could lose a pound...hell i'd be happy to lose half a pound. The scale has not budged though. I'll keep at it...we'll see!!

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