Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day Five: Courtney's 10 Day Weight Loss Challenge

I did well all day.... and then we went out to eat at my husband's favorite mexican restaurant. I wasn't that bad, to be honest but I always know that whenever you go out to eat, there is always more fat and bad crap than you would normally cook for yourself.

That being said, I had my usual breakfast of yogurt, cereal, and coffee. Lots of water all day and then for lunch I made that delicious bean burrito/wrap thingy I made yesterday. And then for dinner I got one bean enchilada and one chicken enchilada. No cheese. And ate some Mexican rice. It was delicious.

So on average, I was about 300 calories over my usual intake but that's okay. I'll just have to work a little harder at the gym tomorrow. OH!!! And I lost .5 pounds woot woot :) Its not much but I was freakin' excited!! Hope everyone else is having success...see ya tomorrow.


  1. Half a pound is AWESOME. And I know the woes of Mexican Restaurant Food Temptation. =p

  2. thank you!! yeah Mexican Food is a favorite in our house lol...random question, do you log your activities on I know you do the elliptical and was wondering if you enter that on fitday. I was trying to enter 45 min on the elliptical but I couldn't find the option to enter it on fitday.

  3. 300 calories isnt nearly as bad as it sounds really! eating out is hard..i never have the willpower to stay on my focused goal haha! mexican is my all time favorite..i can never eat healthy there!! good luck hope it all works out for you!