Monday, October 26, 2009

34 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Shower!!!

This may be a long post so I just wanted to warn everyone in advance because I have a lot to write!! This past Sunday was my baby shower for little Kamryn and it was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! I am still grinning from ear to ear from yesterday, it was just a perfect day and so much fun :) My mom and dad threw Kamryn a baby shower at their house in New Jersey and really outdid themselves. First of all, it was just so nice to be at the house I grew up in with my family. I hadn't been there since before Jeff and I had our wedding in August and I always loved coming home to my parents, especially in the fall because my mom decorates the house for Halloween and Fall. The decorations make the house feel so cozy and she always has pumpkin or spiced apple scented candles that just enhance the warm feeling of Fall. I wish we could have stayed longer because I wasn't ready to leave after the shower.

There were so many reasons to love my baby shower. Like I said before, I just loved being in New Jersey at my parents house with my family. Also, the amount of extended family and friends that came to celebrate Kammy's arrival was so touching and really meant a lot to me. I am truly lucky to have these people in my life to support me and am forever thankful :) I was so thrilled that some of my girlfriends that I have known for a long time were able to make it; my girls from college, Laura & Teesdale, were there and it really made me happy to see them. I don't really get to see them much anymore so it was awesome they were there for me :) And my girlfriend Heather from middle school & highschool came to celebrate with me, which was just so great to have her there, too. My parents' house was filled with tons of great family and friends which made it so wonderful to share such an important and memorable moment in my life.

Along with my family and friends, the generousity that was displayed from them was over the top!! Jeff and I recieved soooo many beautiful things for our little girl that we still are in awe of how many sweet gifts we got!! Everything we recieved was so thoughtful and precious and we both are so excited to show little Kamryn all of her cool stuff. I hate to brag (but I'm going to do it anyway haha) but she really received pretty awesome gifts. She has soooo many adorable clothes that she's going to need costume changes throughout each day so she can wear them all!! My cousin Allie did the coolest thing with the gift from her, my aunt, uncle and two other cousins. It was quite impressive and extremely creative :) They gave me a layette with onesies, little socks, outfits, burp cloths, crib sheet, blankets, and pink hangers that were pinned to a long white rope with white clothes pins. She arranged the items in this cute white wicker basket with pink trim so when you pulled the first item out of the basket the rope unraveled to display all of the layette! It was so looked like little baby clothes hanging out to dry on a clothes line. When all the items were out of the basket the rope stretched all the way across the room and it took several people to hold it up!! I thought it was the cutest idea...such a creative way to put together a present... Al- I might steal this idea in the future ;)

We also received the Pack N Play that we registered for from my sisters and I personally cannot wait to put it together...well, let me rephrase- I cannot wait for Jeff to put it together haha...handy husband :) We got some really cute bath stuff, a travel system, a bassinet, a high chair, books, and other necessities for a newborn like a diaper pail, first aid stuff, blankets, pacifiers, and toys.

My mom and dad are so cute- they saved all of my things from when I was a newborn like my favorite stuffed animals, little knick-knacks that were in my nursery, my first little shoes, and my baby books and arranged them all in a box for me to save. It cracked me up because my one stuffed animal, I named him PussGuss, was my absolute favorite when I was a baby. And you could definitely tell how much I loved him because his original form (which was supposed to be a cat) resembled more like a thin, old dirty rag instead of a fluffy brown cat. I would carry PussGuss around with me EVERYWHERE and I used to just pick his fur--yes, there has to be some sort of psychological explanation for this behavior because even now, I look back and think I was a weirdo little kid to pick all the fur off my stuffed animal haha...don't judge me ;) My parents also gave me the coolest thing--since Kammy will be born just before Christmas, they gave her the book, "The Night Before Christmas," which was my favorite as a child. This book however, is one that you can record a voice reading the book so my parents recorded their voices reading the book, alternating page by page!! I love personalized gifts like this...especially ones that remind me of my childhood :)

We are SO LUCKY!!!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU (I can't say it enough!!) to all who made my baby shower such a success and something I will remember with happiness and joy for the rest of my life. Now the hard part for me is going to be fighting the urge to want to organize all of her new things. Getting Kamryn's nursery ready is WAY more fun than going to class right?!

I had my 34 week OB appointment last week and my doctor said everything is going really well--pretty textbook pregnancy. Her head is down, my blood pressure is perfect, glucose levels perfect, and Kamryn is growing wonderfully. When he measured my belly he said that I was all baby and there was no where left for Kammy to go!! I had maybe 2 cm between the top of my uterus and my sternum. No wonder I can barely breathe haha. He says she may be an 8 lb. long as she's not a 10 pound butterball turkey like I was is good news to me!!

I am still feeling pretty good, just enormously pregnant. It's sometimes a struggle to sit down because there is no room for my insides and they are squished inside my belly. Then I think it would be better if I layed down, but that is uncomfortable too because if I lay on my back I can't breathe and if I lay on my sides it hurts too. Some days I get really exhausted but usually I feel normal. My finger "arthritis" has definitely gone down, but they still hurt, just not as bad as last week. And I was sad to have to take off my wedding rings because I really miss wearing them. It's funny because I have noticed a big change in my belly size in the past few weeks and let me tell you, I feel like I ate a basketball. I feel a big, round sloth haha. Jeff thinks I look pretty big too but when I went home this weekend, everyone was saying that I really don't look big and that they thought I'd be bigger at this point. Even if people were just saying that I didn't look that big so I wouldn't feel self-concious, I don't care because it did actually help my confidence. This may be selfish and I hope I don't sound like a total biatch, but I do sometimes have a hard time with my body getting so big...even though I know its for a great cause and the end result trumps all the negative feelings I have about my body...I just really am excited to get my body back in shape So, it's kinda weird. I guess every pregnant woman thinks they look huge probably because they feel huge. But in the's worth every pound, heartburn, sleeplessness, inability to bend over to pick something up, and swollen foot :)

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  1. Katie, I love you and Jeffe and Kammy soooo much!! Summer and I had such a great time at the shower!!! Call me whenever you need me!!! xoxox