Monday, October 19, 2009

33 weeks and I think I developed arthritis overnight

Is it possible to just wake up one day and have arthritis at the age of 25? Not only do my hands and fingers look like these plump, swollen sausages, but the bones inside my hands HURT. BAD. It's really painful to flex my fingers or to make a fist. It definitely hurts to write or hold anything but typing is actually not as painful. Of all of the pregnancy books I've read nowhere does it say "finger pain" is a common symptom. So, I have an OB appointment on Wednesday and I'll ask the doctor about this "overnight arthritis." Although, I'm pretty sure they will just say, "oh, it's normal."

I cannot wait for this weekend. This weekend is my baby shower!!! On Sunday my mom is throwing me a baby shower in New Jersey and I am so excited for it!! I can't believe its here already, which means the time when Kamryn will be born is getting closer and closer :) I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at my shower and being with my family. It's going to be such a great day that I will remember forever and can't wait to tell my daughter how fun her baby shower was!

This past weekend I was hanging out with some friends and they got to feel Kamryn kicking. It made me feel so good to have my friends so interested and supportive. They were asking me lots of questions about pregnancy and raising a newborn and I didn't realize how much I really have learned until my friend was like, "Geez, you know so much about pregnancy and I don't know any of this!" I thought about it later that night and he was right...I think I have learned a lot about being pregnant and while I do read lots of material, I think the majority comes from experience. I know how lucky & blessed I am to have this experience and I cannot even describe how being pregnant has changed my life in so many great ways. I'm really looking forward to how Kamryn will change my life in these next days, months, and years. I love her so much already and can't wait to meet her :)

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