Tuesday, September 29, 2009

30 Weeks

Hey everyone! I am 30 weeks pregnant this week and just wanted to do an update on several things. Jeff and I had a tour of the hospital on Sunday and we both were really glad we did. The hospital seems very clean and everyone was very friendly. We saw where we would be parking and coming in to check in. The tour guide also showed us the birthing rooms, nursery, and the postpartum care rooms. I was glad to see all of it because I really don't know what to expect and seeing where all the fun happens helped me feel a little more comfortable and maybe even a tiny bit prepared. At least I'll know what to expect as far as my surroundings...I can't really say I'll be comfortable or prepared for anything else haha!

I was kind of bummed out though because the hospital had to make new rules about visitors due to the H1N1 virus. The new rules are that no one except the parents of the baby are allowed in the hospital. This means no visitors at all. I felt bad because I really wanted my family and Jeff's family to come see Kamryn once she is born but I understand the severity of this virus and I definitely want to take all precautions. So, I think everyone will get to see her once we bring her home from the hospital.

This past week I have been feeling lots of Braxton Hicks contractions which my doctor says are perfectly normal. I usually feel them during the day especially while I am walking around. They don't hurt or anything...my belly just gets really tight for a few seconds. I think Jeff really likes saying the words "Braxton Hicks" because he will ask me like 25 times during the day if I have Braxton Hicks and then he repeats the word to himself under his breath a couple times...its funny :) I got him a book about the father's role in pregnancy and he gets really excited when he recognizes my symptoms from what he's read. He's going to be such a great dad!

So, at my OB appointment this week I got a flu shot and finally did my glucose test (which I got the results today and I passed!! woo hoo!) I also started my two week appointments because I'm coming down the home stretch. It's going by so fast, it's incredible and at the same time it's really weird because as much as I want Kamryn to be here, I almost want to slow down each day so I can really cherish these last weeks of my baby girl being inside my belly.

I'm really excited because Kamryn's furniture for her nursery should arrive soon and I cannot wait to see it! Both my parents and Jeff's mom bought her furniture so we could start setting up her room and getting it all ready for her. I've been wanting to set up her room and decorate for so long that I think I've been making my husband crazy! I kept having dreams that she would come and we wouldn't have her nursery ready and of course I was freaking out...haha weird, huh? I think both Jeff and my mom have had to reassure me more than a few times that it wouldn't happen and not to worry because everything would be set up. I'm such a worrywart and I think that trait has only intensified during my pregnancy.

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