Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a few questions...

Why does my daughter like to play with everything BUT her toys?! I swear, this girl will play with anything, except her own toys. She likes to play with paper bags, her swim diapers (clean ones lol), my flip flops, her clothing, Jeff's keys, a hanger...a freakin' hanger! Yesterday, I watched her crawl over to her hamper, try to pull up on it, only to have a few hangers fall out of it...which she immediately went for and tried to stuff a small pink hanger into her mouth. Yeah.

So do I correct strangers when they tell me how cute my little boy is? This drives me nuts, especially when I clearly dress her in pink from head to toe or put her in a girly dress. The only time this doesn't happen is when I put a bow in her hair. Whatever. I'm just tired of being like, actually she's a girl.

Lastly....my hair is out of control. It needs some serious help. My roots are like an inch and a half and I'm seriously considering just shaving it all off. Just kidding...but sometimes I feel that way. I do kind of want to go a little darker...maybe a light brown instead of my beachy blonde look...which right now its not so beachy :( Should I bite the bullet and go brown? I'm scared Kammy won't recognize me!!

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