Friday, May 7, 2010

Shopping with a Celebrity

I think most can agree that having a baby changes you. C'mon, everyone says that. And I'm pretty sure that I expected that all aspects of my former life, my pre-pregnancy & pre-baby life, would be completely different once Kammy was here, but it still amazes/baffles me how much has changed. For example, shopping. Today Kammy and I went shopping at Tyson's Corner, which is a huge mall nearby, on a mission to get some shoes for me to wear to my graduation ceremony. Let me tell you...trying to find the nearest elevator was super annoying. Whoever designed this particular mall must have designed the whole thing and then realized they forgot to install elevators so they just randomly put them in weird, hard to find places. I felt like I was going down corridor after corridor hoping I wouldn't end up in some stock room. And to top it off, of course the department store I decide to park near, the elevator was actually broken so I had to take the escalator to the second level to where I was parked. This was quite interesting with a large stroller and I definitely got some glares. The woman behind behind me was like, "Ugh, SO dangerous," in a I-can't -believe-this-mom-is-doing-this-what-a-horrible-mother kind of way. When we got off the escalator, I turned to her and politely said, "I didn't have a choice, the elevator in this department is broken," smiled and walked towards my car. Geez, lady what did you want me to do? If she was so nosy and opinionated she could have at least offered to help me hold the stroller but whatever.

So Kammy is quite the little ham when we go out places. She LOVES the attention she gets from everyone. Seriously, like everyone. I think she has met more people than I have in my 25 years...and she's 5 months old. I feel like she's a celebrity that everyone wants to see and talk to. And she loves it! She smiles and squeals at anyone who looks at her and if someone is not looking at her, she will make her presence known! She will screech at the top of her lungs in this high pitched little voice and demand that she be paid attention to...I'm telling you this screech would make a dog's ears burn. She's such a little character. She makes me so proud of her, I'm so happy that she has such a fun personality and loves people. I mean, who wouldn't want to meet Kammy? She's such a little love and is just a delight to be around :)

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