Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Glee time Me time

So...I really love Glee. I don't care if its a dorky show, it makes me happy and I look forward to watching it on Tuesday night when I get home from class :) Love the songs, love the characters, love the show. Oh and the guy who plays Mr. Schuester...delicious :) There is something about guys who are attractive who can sing and dance...I don't know haha. Anyway, I love my Glee time me time...I think that show keeps me sane lol.

Good things are happening, which is nice. On Sunday, I get to celebrate my first Mother's Day, which I am really excited for :) I have had some confidence restored in the past few weeks & am feeling much better about being a mom. I think taking a little time for myself has helped (enter Glee time me time) and also having support from family & friends. Also, in exactly one week from tonight I will be finished with my last college exam EVER!!! Woo hoo!!! My college graduation is on Friday the 14th & I am so so soooooo excited & proud of myself. It has taken me a long time but finally its here :) Its weird, it doesn't seem real yet. I just can't wait to get that beautiful diploma so I can frame it and display that baby haha...then maybe it will be real.

Little Kammy is getting so big, its wild. Sometimes I look at her and I'm like, wow she's like a big girl now, she's not a tiny baby anymore!! Today, I was folding her laundry and decided that maybe some of her pj's & onesies that were 0-3 month size need to be packed away because they are way too small for her and I was probably unintentionally stuffing her into them because I was in denial about her getting so big. So, I was a little sad packing away her tiny clothes :( She really is a happy little baby, she plays with her toys and squeals and drools all day long. She eats her baby food like a champ, our little Baby Zilla (like Godzilla...she grabs the spoon so ferociously and shoves it in her mouth like she is demolishing it)...that's a new nickname for her, we have a million nicknames lol poor baby might get confused about her name!

K, well its late & Kam likes to get up around 7:30 these days so good night :) Sorry this post was kinda random and all over the place!!!

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